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DBS presents Lostbirds
As the great trait lottery of pfps brought forth the Moonbirds, it also left behind a legion of birds whose trait combinations remained lost. Until now. Help rescue these Lostbirds. "Rescuing" is finding, claiming and minting Lostbirds. In exchange the Dead Birds Society, aka DBS, will grant you eternal life in our community, at our parties and through the art and experiences we are building.
Lostbirds has no official connection to PROOF or Moonbirds beyond DBS being a Moonbirds sub-parliament.
Lostbirds are first come first served. Once rescued, that newfound trait combination cannot be minted again. All Lostbirds are unique. Even more, we ignore beak length in determining uniqueness cuz size doesn’t matter, right? We also ignore things like eyes if they are hidden behind eyewear ⌐◨-◨
With uniqueness in mind, we also exclude all Moonbird trait combinations, including those involving Moonbird backgrounds, beaks, and hidden eyes. No Lostbird will have a matching Moonbird. To further distinguish Lostbirds from Moonbirds we only use unique DBS and Lostbird backgrounds.
Lostbirds are Moonbirds traits recombined into new outputs. When PROOF originally enacted CC0 on Moonbirds the new license did not apply to the traits themselves. CC0 is so new. We're all figuring this out as we go. Thankfully, as the wonders of CC0 continue to evolve and present themselves, PROOF granted us a license to use the traits. In that spirit, Lostbirds and new Lostbird traits such as Hades Key are also CC0 🙏
Rescuing your very own Lostbird also goes to fighting for biodiversity, a cause that's near and dear to DBS. We're a group of like-minded believers in art, community, building, and a chill vibe. We aim to promote the holdings of DBS members to boost their value with all collectors, and to give back to the communities we're in. But we also believe in leaving a healthier planet for our kids. Literal dead birds are a stark reminder of the loss of biodiversity the planet is experiencing on account of human progress. Our aim is to be a force to counter this loss through awareness, art, funds, and, most excitingly, web3. More at docs.deadbirds.io ❤️
The minting mechanic is the following:
  • the mint price is 0.05 ETH; we are doing this because it’s important to us that new entrants be given ample opportunity to participate; the DBS motto is dead is dead; all are equal and new entrants are first class citizens
  • proceeds of initial sales are evenly distributed between Dead Birds Society, the core builders of Lostbirds, and biodiversity charities 🌎
  • Lostbirds have a 0% royalty on secondary sales and so there are no proceeds to distribute; we’re doing this to encourage rescuing new Lostbirds over anything else
  • the collection size is open-ended with no predetermined cap and no minting end date; as long as there are Lostbirds to rescue the search continues 🔦
So what are you waiting for?